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Family FAQs

Which illnesses do you work with?

Team IMPACT matches children with over 250 serious illnesses and disabilities. At this time, we do not work with Autism or Asthma as a primary diagnosis.

What is the age range for children to participate?

The children we work with are between the ages of 5 and 16 years old.

Are any applications not accepted into the program?

The vast majority of children that apply are accepted into the program. However, if we do not cover a particular illness or we feel that the child or the family is not able to fully commit to the program, we will not enroll that child.

Can newly diagnosed children be signed?

We ask that children are at least 3 months into their treatment protocol before getting involved in the Team IMPACT program. At this time everyone has a better understanding of both the illness and the benefits from the Team IMPACT program. Families are welcome to apply before that time, but will not be matched until 3 months post diagnosis.

Can we choose the college and sport for my child?

Our goal is to match a child with the team that can provide the best support system based on the child's individualized needs. We understand children have different sport preferences and will try to ccommodate this when we can.

How long does it take to match a child with a team?

Our goal to match a child with a team as soon as possible. Every situation is different and due to a number of factors (i.e. proximity to colleges/universities, summer/winter break schedule, coaching staff changes, etc.) the length of the match-up process can vary.

Can my other children be included?

Our program has a family centered approach. While one child may be diagnosed, any siblings interested can be drafted to the team as well. Participation in Team IMPACT is something that families can do together.

Does Team IMPACT provide transportation?

Currently, no. We require that parents/guardians are able to commit to and provide transportation to practice, games, and outside activities. Should a family use public transportation, we will work to find a school that is the most accessible.

How long will my child be with the team?

Team IMPACT is a two-year program, but this can vary based on special circumstances.

Are there any costs or fees associated with this program?

There is no cost to participate in the program. The only costs incurred would be those associated with traveling to visit your child’s team.

Athletic FAQs

What level of commitment is expected of the team that agrees to draft a child through Team IMPACT?

Although there are no strict requirements regarding the specific amount of time invested/level of interaction, our expectation is that “there is no off-season” and the child will benefit from consistent socialization by participating in a full range of team activities both on and off the field throughout the calendar year.

My team has filled out the application. How long will it take before we are matched with a child?

The length of time a team is on the waiting list varies. When selecting a team for the child, our highest priority is finding a team that is close to the child’s home or where they are being treated so the family can conveniently get to campus. In addition, this allows student athletes to do activities off-campus with the child. We cannot guarantee a child for each interested team within a specific time frame, but we maintain an active dialogue with major medical facilities and other like-minded organizations in an effort to identify more deserving children to be drafted onto each interested team.

How long is a typical Team IMPACT relationship?

Team IMPACT is a two-year program, but this can vary based on special circumstances.

I am involved with a high school / semi-pro / pro sports team. Are we able to participate in Team IMPACT?

Our mission is currently focused on working strictly with college athletic programs because of the year-round commitment to one team and the mentorship that a group older than the child can provide.

Medical FAQs

What is Team IMPACT's role and relationship with medical facilities?

Team IMPACT is a third-party, 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides a service to children facing serious and chronic illnesses. We maintain an active dialogue with a number of individuals within hospitals in order to raise awareness for our mission.

How do I know if the child I want to refer is the right fit?

We recommend medical professionals talk through each case with our staff to best determine eligibility and fit. We encourage referrers to be involved in this process and welcome regular conversations with child life specialists, social workers, nurses, and other personnel to talk through each family that is referred to Team IMPACT.

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