Catherine Granito

Catherine Granito

Development Manager, Young Professionals & Alumni

College: The University of Michigan
Major: English
College Sport: Women’s Lacrosse
Hometown: New Canaan, CT
Favorite Athlete: Henrik Lundqvist

Catherine Granito joined Team IMPACT in June 2022 and serves as the Development Manager, Young Professionals & Alumni. In her role, she works to build and maintain relationships with former student-athletes and yyoung professionals seeking involvement in Team IMPACT. Additionally, her role serves the alumni families and friends that play key roles in the foundational effort of Team IMPACT to ensure continued success for future impact players and matches.

Granito brings experience from both the White House and Department of Health and Human Services. Her experience in The White House is highlighted best through the direct work with Fortune 500 companies and non profit spaces that helped aid the American people. She then served at the Department of Health and Human Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Her time in Washington quickly instilled her with resources and knowledge to make a difference.

 Granito learned to love the non profit space during her time at The University of Michigan as the Athletic Department’s Student Athlete Community Engagement Chair. Working directly with over 300 student-athletes, finding and creating ways for every athlete and team to contribute to the community. Additionally, the Michigan Women’s Lacrosse team participated in Team IMPACT, which led to Granito’s love for the mission. Granito created camaraderie opportunities between the team’s IMPACT player and teammates by creating Scavenger Hunts, Halloween Strolls, and other fun events and activities.

When asked the question, “Why Team IMPACT?” Catherine said:
In my few short years with Team IMPACT as a college athlete I knew it was simply not enough. Inspired by my lacrosse team’s IMPACT player, I was eager to remain involved and give other athletes that same opportunity as me. I have whole heartedly believed in this mission and the impact it leaves on the lives of those directly and indirectly involved. The power of sports and the sports community is powerful without effort, when given time, resources, and passion to make change and impact others it is truly surreal. I have always gravitated towards pediatrics; I spent a ton of time in college at Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor visiting the pediatric floor with other student athletes. When introduced to our IMPACT Player I quickly learned she too spent years at Mott’s and I would soon be able to attend appointments at that hospital with her. It is an honor to be part of such a special program and I hope to create an impact on those I meet the same way I was impacted.