Audrey got the star treatment spending the day around the team, got to ride one of the horses, and even signed a letter of intent to be an official member of the Georgia Bulldog equestrian team.
Georgia tight ends Ryland Goede and Drew Sheehan will have a friend in the crowd Monday night to support them and the Bulldogs.
Kyler Pike was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017. He's been in remission for two years. With the help of Team Impact, they gave him a big surprise.
11-year-old Cal Taylor is Maryland football's secret weapon.
Kyler, 8, met with players Ryland Geode and Drew Sheehan via zoom. The pair watched Kyler open his “Christmas present” before the real surprise came.
Cal is fighting an inflammatory disease that forces him to spend time in and out of the hospital. He was matched with the Terps through Team IMPACT.
Brown University's Alden-Rothenberg Cross Country Track & Field Coaching Chair Ken Hunt has announced a new team member, signing 10-year-old Evan Rose through Team IMPACT.
One small recruit is providing a big dose of inspiration to the Kean University football team, on and off the field. Kean Athletics partnered with Team IMPACT to draft the team’s #1 recruit, Ty Weinglass. Now, the team is building bonds with Ty and welcoming his family into Cougar Nation.