Change A Life.
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Help a child get in the game.

Inspire growth and independence in a child facing serious illness or disability. Make their whole family a part of your team while creating an opportunity for your student-athletes to continue growing into more empathetic and self-aware leaders both on and off the field.

Build meaningful relationships in your community that enhance your team’s culture and synergy. Team IMPACT will identify a child to become your new teammate, provide you with tools for success, and facilitate an immersive multi-year experience.

How It Works

Newest Matches

Babson College

Babson College

University of Virginia

University of Virginia

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Brown University

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Success Stories

Abigail’s next goal is to take on wheelchair track and tennis in junior high.
Mike Locksley welcomed a special member of the team to Maryland camp this week. IMPACT signee Cal Taylor joined the.
Seth talking with Bellarmine basketball coaches and team
Seth has joined Bellarmine University’s (Louisville, Kentucky) Men’s Basketball team. A five-time leukemia survivor, Seth already knows a great deal about courage and tenacity.


While there are no strict requirements regarding the specific amount of time spent with your matched child, there is no off-season at Team IMPACT. We recommend that matches connect 2-4 times a month during the school year and at least monthly during the summer months.

The length of time a team is on the waiting list varies. We cannot guarantee a child for each interested team within a specific time frame, but we are consistently working with the pediatric medical community to get more referrals.

Your match will be managed by a highly trained Case Manager, who is either a master’s level social worker or a certified child life specialist. Your Case Manager provides guidance and recommendations to your team to maximize success and address challenges.

Team IMPACT facilitates the match for two years. Afterward, families and teams can stay connected in whatever way works for them.

While we only match one child/family per team for a two-year period, many teams choose to sign another Team IMPACT match after their first match has come to a close.

Our mission is solely focused on college athletic programs because of the year-round commitment to one team and the mentorship that a group of young adults can provide to their matched child.


Give your team the opportunity to learn self-awareness, empathy, and humility by building meaningful relationships with a kid in your community.

Teams learn so much from the children in our program. This unique, eye-opening experience with Team IMPACT has taken many NCAA and NAIA college athletic teams to the next level. If you think your team might be fit to take on this two-year journey with enthusiasm, let’s talk about matching you to a young team member.